About Us

Professional, fun, and flexible

Happy Marshall Productions is a one-stop shop for evocative, mindful content, with an edge. Since 2012, we have combined our love for telling passionate, raw, engaging stories with a production model that disrupts the industry norm. With a unique emphasis on creating uplifting and positive programming, our mission is to effect the change we’d like to see in the world. At Happy Marshall Productions, our strength originates from the sum of our parts. From our ground-breaking development and production teams to our back-breaking crews, the Happy Marshall team consists of hand-selected collaborators who exude creativity and quick-wit. In addition to our creative partners, we are proud to team up with like-minded brands, networks and distribution partners. Our clients value our ability to combine our business acumen with our art, as we deliver beautiful, high-quality cinematic content that keep costs low, but simultaneously sets the bar very high.

Here at Happy Marshall, we tackle issues with a little bit of humor and ingénue. As the world constantly evolves, we believe content production should be no different. We strive to challenge and improve upon the status quo, to deliver results that go above and beyond.

Photo Credit: Todd Williams