American Doers

AMERICAN DOERS puts the spotlight on everyday Americans who work their butts off to achieve their American Dream. From dawn until dusk “Doers” don’t just fantasize about the future, they actively pursue their aspirations. Life isn’t just about money and fame, it’s about drive and the courage to strive for something more.

In American Doers, host James Marshall will meet “Doers” from across the country whose tenacity and vivacious spirit are awe-inspiring. These Doers prove that nothing worth having comes easy, but that through hard work and a little bit of grit, anything is possible. During each episode, James will dive head first into our Doers’ lives to uncover the chaos and passion behind the process. Through James’ lens, we will enliven the raw, inspiring and authentic stories of real everyday Americans.

While each episode stands alone, the culmination of each story’s powerful message is the heart of this series. American Doers is the antidote to the negative content corroding the American psyche. The series positive and uplifting message will provide viewers with a breath of fresh air – and a reminder that there’s majesty and beauty in the small everyday grind.