Jogging with James

To test his endurance and mental toughness, James Marshall decided to compete in the toughest foot race on earth, Africa’s Marathon des Sables – This self supported race sees the competitors run 6 marathons in just 5 days, through the Sahara Desert, while carrying all of their own food, medical equipment and supplies.

Training in NYC for such an event is no easy feat. For moral support and a bit of comic relief, James invited a few friends to jog alongside him.

Featuring NFL Superbowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo, famed photographer Nigel Barker, and Hollywood movie stars Lee Pace and Melissa George, Jogging with James takes us from the gritty streets of NYC to the grueling heat of the Sahara.

As the series catapults us across the world and into the desert, we can’t help but root for James as he tackles the Sahara one mile at a time.